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Israa is a Quadri-lingual urban planner and architect by education, she speaks English, Italian, French Fluently and Arabic is her mother tongue. Since 2018, she is a research fellow at the Urban Simulation Lab Fausto Curti, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), at Politecnico di Milano. Now she is the research team leader together with Prof. Eugenio Morello on CLEVER Cities Project – Funded by the European Commission – Horizon 2020 Project – GA#776604 as an expert of Co-creation guidance for cities to implement Nature-based solutions in socially inclusive urban regeneration processes. She holds a Ph.D. in “Sociability of Public spaces and Placemaking approach as key drivers for Cultural-Based Urban Regeneration processes.” Learning case study: Northend Park, Rose Kennedy Green Way, Boston Massachusetts, USA.” She is passionate about Public Spaces and their value in our everyday lives. In 2015, she started her PhD in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development in Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy whereas she was invited to UN-Habitat Future of Places Conference in Stockholm to speak on her public spaces research. Later, in 2016 she pursued her PhDdegree in Northeastern University of Boston MA, with a 3.67 CGPA. Starting 2017, she took part of an European Commission – MARIE-CURIE Action funded Horizon 2020 Project – GA # 645651 – MAPS-LED Project as an (ESR) early stage researcher, then as an Experienced Researcher (ER) in San Diego state University, CA, USA. Back in 2010, She earned her bachelor’s degree from Architectural Engineering Dept. Alexandria University of Egypt with a major on Urban Design section. Whereas, she worked as an assistant lecturer for four years and leading students’ groups as an academic adviser, after earning her MSc degree in 2013 with a 3.97 CGPA about psychological and environmental urban design, in a collaboration program with Michigan state University and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany. In Politecnico di Milano, She also lectures about Nature-based solutions in the Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design, Leonardo campus; as well as Master of Sustainable Architecture and Landscape design, Piacenza campus.


An architect by education, Eugenio Morello is Associate Professor in Urban Design at Polimi, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (Dastu). He is coordinator and research scientist at the Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti (since 2010), and the Climate Change Risk and Resilience Lab (since 2020). Since 2017 he is the Rector’s Delegate for environmental sustainability. He is the department principal investigator of the European H2020 projects ‘Clever Cities’ and ‘Sharing Cities’. His research interest is situated in the interplay between urban design and environmental quality, climate design, resilience and adaptation to climate change. He investigates the integration of environmental aspects and energy transition solutions for the design of sustainable neighborhoods towards the closing of energy and environmental cycles. More recently, his research work has opened new insights on the topic of collaborative consumption and sharing society and how these new paradigms can inform urban planning, urban design and co-creation approaches.

Giuseppe is Research Fellow at the Bartlett School of the University College of London (UCL) to tackle sustainable urban transformation through system thinking and participatory approaches. He has track record of international research and networking projects mainly addressing innovation and sustainable consumption. His research interests are focused on socio-technical innovations and design approaches for the transition towards sustainable patterns of consumption and production, with the contribution of Design and Social Sciences. In recent years he investigated attitudes and behaviours at different stages of product life; smart technologies; repair markets and grassroots innovations; and acquisition and development of skills. Giuseppe collaborated in research projects focusing on Design strategies for sustainable consumption.


LabsimUrb Affiliates

Erpinio Labrozzi recently graduated as an Architect in Politecnico di Milano. His thesis project “Circularize my building” is a proposal for a distributed infrastructure in Città Metropolitana di Milano able to activate circular practices within the local construction chain.
While conducting his studies, he also gained more than one year of working experience in internationally renowned architectural practices such as CF Moller (Copenhagen, DK, 2018); Clement Blanchet Architecture (Paris, FR, 2017); Studio Quattroassociati (Milan, IT, 2015). At LABSIMURB he is currently involved in the research project: “Verso Paesaggi a prova di clima”. He is currently a teaching assitant at Politecnico di Milano Since February 2020.


Anna Giulia Castaldo

Anna Giulia Castaldo is a second-year PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano. She obtained her master’s degree in Urban and Territorial Planning at University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Prior to the start of her doctoral research, she attended a one-year specialization course in GIScience and Drones at the University of Padua, where she started to lay the foundation for her academic interests in Green Infrastructures and ecological urban indexes. Currently her dissertation work focuses on climate vulnerability of natural resources in urban context and its socio-spatial implications.